“Se fiera belva ha cinto” — Albéniz style

I would like more time in the woodshed on this one, a lot more. One measure in particular is always a monster. Nevertheless, this one was quite fun and a real merge of two very different styles. Think “Asturias” when you hear it, although the emotional feel is quite different since this is a fairly bright Major-key piece.

Probably “Confusa se miri” next but my brain is dangling shiny things in front of me in the shape of a ragtime “Non è si vago e bello,” so we’ll see whether I can herd it into the appropriate direction.

What seems to be most popular

Is the jazz and the rock variations I’ve written. I have a feeling that the jazz stuff just gets linked through via some automated thing that scrapes through SoundCloud and assembles random jazz playlists, like an ad hoc jazz radio station or something. I’m not sure about why the rock gets linked so much — might be for the same reason.

At any rate, that little factoid is interesting but I suspect not of much use to me since I have no intention of writing only jazz or only rock, and since there’s no money in music any more, anyway. I should go out of my way to make the next arrangement some tinkety-tink, prissy ultra-Classical-period thing again, like that last Mozartean étude-ish thing I did.

Soundcloud stuff

I wish I knew whether people listened the whole way through to the stuff I post or clicked, listened for two seconds, and went, “Ugh, no thanks … ”

On second though maybe I don’t want to know. 🙂

And another: “Con rauco mormorio,” Rock style

Sort of Elton John-ish. Surprisingly tiring, and quite fun. I’m starting to get antsy to write something more substantial again, though. These short bites are fun and stretch my muscles in interesting ways, but I am increasingly thinking about writing something quite a bit longer than I’ve done in the past and more involved. Listening to too much Rachmaninoff lately, I suppose.

At any rate, enjoy. 🙂

Haendel in a New Light: Piano variations on themes from his top operas

So this is what I’ve been working on — give a listen! Track descriptions are as follows:

01 Standard: As close to the flavor of the original as I can get on a piano.
02 Swing: Haendel the honky-tonk piano player!
03 Jazz: Haendel gets into a cutting contest with Art Tatum. (He loses of course because hey, Art Tatum.)
04 Debussy: Haendel gets hit on the head and wakes up thinking he’s an absinthe tippler in Impressionist Paris.

Next theme up for the treatment will be either the intro to “Se fiera belva ha cinto” (which is so catchy you need to be vaccinated when you’re done listening to it) or the beautiful intro to “Con rauco mormorio” which will turn you to a happy pile of mush.