Organizing the Rodelinda Variations sheet music

I mistakenly deleted a chord in one measure and need to just print it out and mark it up for all changes that need to be made, including *grumble* dynamic markings, which I hate.

Moral of the story: Never, ever hit “del” in MuseScore if you can’t see the cursor.

I seriously need to clean up my sheet music.

Putting the right copyright notices on everything, the right page numbers, making the right covers, cleaning up the dedication, putting the right byline on it, this and that …

Update: Apparently, I will find the option to start a multi-page file on something other than “1” under Layout/Page settings, so there’s that.

“Never push on ONE! Who ever heard of anybody pushing on ONE?!”

Oh, god.

It just hit me.

I have to get “Mormorio” into Lilypond.

I know I’ve been saying it for some time, but now that the thing is effectively done (at least the piano part, and depending on how you define it, all of the viola part), that’s the next big dragon to slay. And it’s huge.


There are certain places where I’ve got the right hand notes in the bass clef, because it was easier that way than using seventeen ledger lines or changing the clef in the right hand. I have no idea what the accepted best-practice way to do that in Lilypond is. I don’t want to join an online Lilypond forum, either. I need to just RTFM and figure out how to do this. (Once I do, I should be able to get “Moon of Memory” into Lilypond as well.)

I’m also just going to add in the viola staff as well, and leave it blank. Same size as the piano staff, also. I don’t see a reason to make one part larger than another.

The main thing is the da capo part and whether or not I’m going to write a tricked-out version of it, or just leave it to the violist to trick it out however they may like. I think I’ll do both: write a fancy version of the da capo, and also note that if the violist in question chooses, they can play an ornamented version of their own. I’ll just note that on the title page, or make a footnote at the dal segno or something.

(I really need to revamp my tags.)

Update: Shit. I just looked up “single-staff polyphony” in Lilypond. I think my eyeballs cramped. Shit. This looks seriously mean. *sigh*