Foam peanuts

Still trying to pry something loose in the start of the last variation on “Se fiera,” and … well, it’s getting a bit easier. A huge part of it is that I just can’t hear the opening in (what sounds like) the super-slowed down rhythm that I’m using. Of course, it’s not really slow. When played it sounds quite quick because I doubled the note values and then peppered the thing with 16th notes until it’s pretty much a constant stream of them.

And somehow, that plus the relative lack of melodic content in the opening measure has made it hard for my head to “lock on” to whatever I’m supposed to be doing here. I’m essentially taking an image that’s 2-bit and 4×4 pixels and trying to blow it up to an 8×10 at 300dpi. (Well, maybe not quite that, but that’s the general idea.) There’s only so much padding one can do with something like that without the extra notes sounding like foam peanuts for a very tiny idea placed into a box that’s too big for it.

I really just need some mental quiet time (yeah, good luck with that) and a bit of oomph. I want to get this stupid thing off my plate this weekend and start ruminating on the next (last!) aria intro.

Letting the left hand sort itself out

… is what I kind of determined last night. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to manage a big leap apart in both hands on a strong chord that will stand out like a fart in a confessional if I get it wrong. The end determination was that I need to focus more on the right hand chord and let the left hand sort itself out since that’s only hitting a fairly simple octave.

It’s very hard not to focus on my left hand. Especially in this part of this piece, that’s where all the fun stuff is happening. It feels unnatural to me to “see” my right hand instead.

But if I do this slowly and deliberately, it does get better and more accurate, so I’m pleased with that. It’s just going to take some work to burn it in.