Working out more chords

So at least this weekend, I worked out the chords to “Confusa si miri,” so that’s good. This one’s going to take a little mental marinating.

It’s vaguely similar to “Se fiera belva” in that there’s one engaging part where he runs in order through the triads in the key signature. Down instead of up, but it’s interesting. We’ll see what it turns up.

I’m also officially Not Going To Murder Myself™ over the Albéniz version of “Se fiera.” It’s making the nerves in my right elbow tingle, and I already have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist now. I am not a conservatory brat, and I’d rather have written the thing than be able to audition for Juilliard with it.

If it’s a choice between writing “Flowers for Algernon” or being able to type it without misspellings on stage in real time, I’ll take the former.


“Se fiera belva ha cinto” — Albéniz style

I would like more time in the woodshed on this one, a lot more. One measure in particular is always a monster. Nevertheless, this one was quite fun and a real merge of two very different styles. Think “Asturias” when you hear it, although the emotional feel is quite different since this is a fairly bright Major-key piece.

Probably “Confusa se miri” next but my brain is dangling shiny things in front of me in the shape of a ragtime “Non è si vago e bello,” so we’ll see whether I can herd it into the appropriate direction.

Quarter note is 50 fucking bpm

So that’s where I am with this pseudo-Asturias thing. 60 seems to be where the tires aren’t gripping the road anymore, and I want it around 70-ish, maybe a little more. This is going to be a long, boring slog.

And right on schedule, my brain insists on churning out a rag for “Non è si vago e bello” from Giulio Cesare. It wants a distraction, so it’s dangling shiny objects in front of me as a means of distracting me from making it fight for every stinking notch on the metronome. *sigh*

DAMN, this thing’s hard.

It’s only six stupid measures, but they exhaust my right hand and brain. I’m really going to have to cut this thing into extremely tiny pieces before I can get it down well enough to record it. What a pain in the ass.

I am also finally beginning to appreciate the old advice given to pianists to not look at the keys, because your eyes aren’t fast enough to use as a guide once the music starts getting too out of hand. It’s just very difficult to stop doing it. It feels like working without a net, and I suppose in a way it is. I still hate it, even though I’m a bit better when I do it.

Meh. Overreacted.

I’m getting more earbuzzes from “Confusa si miri.” There’s just more going on there melodically. “Vivi tiranno” is wonderful but doesn’t stand on its own as well without the aria following it.

And “Confusa si miri” isn’t a particularly annoying thing. It goes from Bm to Bbm, which isn’t too bad.