So yes, I’m having fun with themes.

I had to learn a bit about WordPress for other reasons, and decided to mess with my own blog to spiff it up a bit. Wish I could get to the CSS for it to change fonts and link colors, but oh well. As it is, I think this will do me nicely for the near future, and possibly longer. I may end up paying for a theme if it will gain me access to the CSS, and allow me to not have “wordpress” in the URL. Honestly though, that doesn’t really bother me.

The tags I need that I haven’t made

I keep saying I need to retag stuff, but what tags do I need?

1) Probably tags related to individual pieces of music, both mine and other people’s
2) my viola
3) haendel, vivaldi, etc.
4) steve perry (let’s be honest here), and others for specific artists like rbp, gabriela montero, mark wood, journey, elo, zoe keating, styx, andreas scholl, etc.
5) lessons
6) epiphany (for when I finally figure something out that’s been stumping me)
7) opera (I think I have this one, but I rarely use it)

Probably others …

And then I have to go through and retag posts. Yippee. I’ve got nearly 800 of them.

Just testing this thing

I’m a little ambivalent, mostly because this blog was a gift to me so that I could participate in “political” posting … just as I decided that I had to pull away from political posting before my eyes exploded. *sigh*

So I’ll probably either make trivial posts, post nothing, or else put up a random collection of posts about stuff of interest to me, heavy on language phylogenetics, opera, Welsh language and history, countertenors, and handcrafts. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll try to spare you junk about my cat.