This is so damned disgusting

And I’ve got this bastard’s CDs.

Opera Star David Daniels Indicted For Sexual Assault In Texas

Who knows how many more guys’ lives he and that sick husband of his ruined? And how many brilliant singing careers were ruined along with it? Who knows how much brilliant art we were all robbed of because of this awful human being and his equally awful sidekick?

I am seriously chucking his CDs in the trash tonight. I don’t need to listen to that. Not in a world where there are so many other wonderful musicians to listen to. In fact, I’d rather have a CD made by the people whose careers he and his sidekick tried to ruin. That’d probably be a great CD.

They should record nothing but revenge arias. Al lampo dell’armi, Furibondo, Vivi tiranno, etc. All those showpieces the hero sings right before he troops off to kick all the asses.