A new blog?

I’m wondering whether or not this wouldn’t be a good option. I’ve had this blog for a very long time, and this shift that I’m undergoing seems like more of a break in path than a shift in path to me. There are aspects to it that I’d like to investigate with a real sense of newness, but as someone who came of age as the Internet did — along with all of the attendant questions revolving around social media personae — I’m very leery of “I’m this name on this blog, and that name in that community” and online handles multiplying out of control like vermin and being just as difficult to manage. I’m also not yet sure how this break/shift in focus is going to settle out, but it’s becoming evident to me that … well, I don’t think I need to use a pseudonym anymore.

I think I’m going to just stay here and let things work out for a while, and then reevaluate when it becomes evident that it’s needed.

Of course, I have a tendency to say that right before I go off on a tear, so we’ll see what happens. For now, I’m just itching to get that damned harp and get started on this new path. When I had surgery last year, I felt the same way. Once I knew I needed it, I was like, “Can you just do it now? Go grab some duct tape and a box knife, and I’ll wait here.” I tend not to care for dickering. Make a damned decision, and then move forward on it, or STFU.

Although, this seems like a good decision, to let things play out for a bit and see what seems like the best course of action when I have the benefit of a few months worth of hindsight.