Practicing on weeknights

You know, I have the hardest time practicing on a new instrument on weeknights. I’m stressed out, tired, and sometimes want a snack. I am happy to sit at the piano and noodle around or practice, because I know how to play that one. Any of the others, the ones that I’m basically no damn good at — the single-note ones where I need to just relax and stop trying so hard — are a total loss on weeknights.

I can play a piano to relax, although even then I still prefer to play it when I’m already in a fairly relaxed mood. I will pick up needles or a hook when I’m nervous or stressed out to just channel the nervous energy into something useful, but the piano is my happy island. I like to keep it that way. It’s not where I go to work off worries.

The other instruments are just much more sensitive to impatience and stress because I’m still at the level of making a decent noise on them. I keep thinking, “Okay, I need to gain ground here,” instead of just relaxing and making a noise. I am at such a low level on them that I have no ground to gain.