Working out more chords

So at least this weekend, I worked out the chords to “Confusa si miri,” so that’s good. This one’s going to take a little mental marinating.

It’s vaguely similar to “Se fiera belva” in that there’s one engaging part where he runs in order through the triads in the key signature. Down instead of up, but it’s interesting. We’ll see what it turns up.

I’m also officially Not Going To Murder Myself™ over the Albéniz version of “Se fiera.” It’s making the nerves in my right elbow tingle, and I already have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist now. I am not a conservatory brat, and I’d rather have written the thing than be able to audition for Juilliard with it.

If it’s a choice between writing “Flowers for Algernon” or being able to type it without misspellings on stage in real time, I’ll take the former.