So do all music teachers do this or what?

“I just got a new transfer student who spent X months/years with another teacher, and I’ve never seen anything so screwed up before in my life!

“Their bow hold was completely dysfunctional! I can’t even imagine what I can do with them!”

“Look at he holds his wrists when playing the piano! There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to start!”

“I showed her music and asked him what the clefs meant, and she actually said that the top one was supposed to be played by the right hand! Oh my GOD! How stupid can one six year old be?!”

“He was holding his violin straight out to the side! Who plays like that?

“I asked her to improvise a short piece, and she looked at me like she didn’t even know what I was talking about! What kind of ruined, worthless musicians are all other music teachers turning out! She’s already nine years old!

Holy fucking SHIT, people. No, your students are not totally ruined, every other teacher in the world is not an incompetent idiot, and if you are throwing single-digit kids on the scrap heap for having slightly too-flat wrists or not giving you a ten-page thesis on The History and Purpose of the Bass Clef, you are seriously too caffeinated. Calm the fuck down.