“Confusa si miri” — some potential

There’s a lot going on in it, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good fit for a project like this. It’s got a very distinct direction it’s aiming in, and it may not be soft around the edges enough to remodel it into other genres.

(In other news, my post tags still bite.)

So I’m rolling that intro around in my head to see what shakes out. I should do the same with “Vivi, tiranno” just to find out which one appears to have longer legs on it.

No uploaded demo for the almost-Albéniz version of “Se fiera” yet. That’s going to take more than a little time. Parts of it are nasty, and the parts that aren’t want to go very fast, which causes fishtailing, loss of traction, and spectacular NASCAR-quality crack-ups in the nasty bits.