Margins for expansion

I’m constantly surprised when I write things that make me think, “Oh fuck, I’m never going to be able to do this,” and then after (relatively little) time, I can feel it come within my ability. I have to stop confronting things like that with an immediate “never gonna happen” reaction.

And of course, now I just have to finish the damn piece.

And then pick another aria.

And then wrap it up and format the sheet music correctly.

And then … work on them. Get them down.

You know, I really should just format the sheet now — adding in the introductory written material, getting the page numbers down, proofing things, etc. Happily, the MIDI playback in MuseScore functions very well as a sort of spell-check, so there shouldn’t be any outright errors in the notation, but I still want to make sure that the chords are properly labelled in the transcription versions, the spacing and beaming is all good, and the dynamics are all down to how I want them. (I fucking HATE putting in dynamics, but they are needed.) Not to mention the page numbers, and putting in blank pages where needed to ensure that things print appropriately.

Anyhow. I still have eight bars to go in this last variation on “Se fiera,” so let’s not get ahead of oneself.