I’m not entirely certain which aria I want to do next. I really would like to stick with another Senesino, but nothing else is really jumping out at me as having a really catchy intro. Okay, here are my choices:

1) Confusa, si miri
2) Scacciata dal suo nido
3) Vivi, tiranno

Here are the ones for Grimoaldo that strike me:

1) Se per te giungio a godere (not long enough)
2) Prigioniera ho l’alma in pena
3) To drudo e il mio rivale
4) Sospetti, affetti, e timori
5) Pastorello d’un povero armento

Now, I do want to do four of these things, and I’m coming up on done with three of them. (Maybe I’ll do the Minuet at the beginning? That’s a page though — longer than the intros.)

I think #1 is probably the most likely. After I’m done with Haendel through the lens of Albéniz, I’ll chew on that intro and see what I can do with it. “Scacciata” just doesn’t grab me, and I’ll have to see about “Tiranno.” That intro might have some meat on the bones.