Wow. Done.

I think I started last week, like Thursday or something ten days ago, and I just finished another Haendel arrangement, the ragtime one. Came out like water.

Well, there was work of course, and a few stubborn spots, but on the whole, that one came out like water. Wow. It’s not easy, and it’s got some tough spots in it that will make me sweat to master them (and I’m not entirely sure why), so it may be a while before it’s uploaded, but … wow.

Wow. I really can crank out rags and preludey 8th-note streams more easily than any other forms of music, with rags an easy first place. That was fun, and it turned out really nice. I have two more arrangements of this intro (“Se fiera belva ha cinto”), and then I need to pick out one more aria intro. I would like to work on “Sospetti, affetti, e timori” as I’ve stated before, but I may end up sticking with the Senesino numbers.

Then, it’s time for Rägtime!