I think the piece I’m writing is 2/4. I’m trying to keep it the same general structure as the original, and I’ve already doubled the measures (as I typically do). Now I have to halve the time values. *sigh*

I hate time signatures.

I also hate blog post tags. As the most frequently used topics on a blog evolve, the tags tend to need a little adjusting as well. Every damned thing I write nowdays is “piano, arrangement, haendel.” I really need to adjust that … but then, I’d have to go back and readjust all the tags on all my old posts as well, and as George Carlin once said, “I’d rather watch flies fuck.”

I do a titch of family research, and one of the common themes among the more gung-ho sorts is that our descendents will wish we’d told our stories more. Frankly, I think they’ll wish that we’d shut up a little more often, given the oceans of digital crap they’ll have to wade through and make sense of.

They’ll wish we’d tagged our goddamned posts a little more accurately.

Hm, it’s a somewhat profane day today, isn’t it?