Useful for any instrument

There’s a harpist dude on YouTube named Josh Layne who posts lots of fairly in-depth harp-centered lessons and dives into various pieces, and a lot of what he says goes for any instrument. I’m curious about harps (chordal, multi-line, mostly portable where “portable” is defined as “not requiring you to herniate yourself or worry about putting dents in the door to move it around”), and his videos are great watching.

Anyhow, a few tips he gives for getting things right on the jumbo gilded cheese slicer that is the harp are extremely useful for the piano (and anything else) as well:

  1. Practice playing things super-slowly. Going fast lets you hide problems.
  2. Practice playing things quietly. Loud also lets you hide problems.
  3. Practice in multiple rhythms, dotted in all directions. This builds flexibility and a real awareness of the rhythm.
  4. Practice stressing the notes that fall on the upbeat, the “ands” of a phrase. Do this in the right hand, and your left hand will stumble.

Seriously, just do this. Over and over. And combine them in many ways. I can’t tell you how much it helps.