You know why I love Haendel so much?

The elbow room. He gives you tons.

Now, I love Brahms and Beethoven as much as the next guy. Their music is wonderful, but the ideas are packed together so tightly that there’s not much room for anything else. It’s wonderful to listen to, but for me, not as much fun to play for that reason. The ideas in a typical Beethoven piece are packed together like blocks in the pyramids; you can’t even slip a piece of paper between them.

Beethoven is a cathedral. Beautiful and moving, but the blocks are cemented in place.

Haendel is the bonus deluxe Lego kit for the cathedral. You know the kind of kit I’m talking about, the one with all the special blocks and little machines in it. The one that all the rich kids in school had, who always had the 96-crayon box with the sharpener built-in. That Lego kit.

It’s got a picture of the cathedral on the front of the bucket. You can even build the cathedral with it if you want … but you don’t have to. If you also have the Lego kit for a spaceport handy, you could put little spaceship launch pads on the turrets of the cathedral if you wanted to. Or build something totally different.

That’s Haendel. That’s why I love his music so much.