Okay, so second thoughts.

I’m not entirely fond of the last four measures of the etudey version of “Mormorio.” I might redo them at some point. I think I need to just play the whole thing front to back and see how it sounds for me. The ending seems a little cookbook to me, but after the first two run-through of the last little theme, a cookbookey ending might be what’s needed. Not sure.

I’ve also already done a sort of Russian-sounding version of “Se fiera belva ha cinto,” but after having done the stuff I’ve done, I might not be completely satisfied with it. I definitely want to do a giant-heavy-chord version, but I might end up reworking it.

After that, for some ridiculous reason, my brain seems to want to do a Lutoslawski version. I don’t even like Lutoslawski. Well okay, I like his two-piano Paganini variations, but in general I’m not sure if I can write a more avant garde version of this piece without listening to more avant garde piano work, and … I don’t like avant garde piano work. I’m not into the whole “drop a brick into the piano and call it music” stuff.

That said, I am definitely a supporter of people who like to play that sort of music. If you want to drop bricks into a piano (as long as it’s not mine), and someone somewhere is willing to pay to watch, then more power to you. Music that has an audience should be played.

I guess this is ultimately an excuse for me to expose myself to this kind of music and see if I really like it, and whether what I really dislike is a caricature of it I have in my mind.