More anti-anti-digital bitching

“I totally support the idea of composing, recording, and improv! Classical music is so much more than being a soloist, winning competitions, and playing other people’s music! And I think it’s very important that classical music reach out to The Underprivileged™!”

“I can’t support any student buying a digital piano. Who cares if you can compose and record on it? You’ll never be a soloist or win competitions by finding the Delicate and Subtle Nuances of Color™ in other people’s music with one of those. Besides, you can find a good grand for maybe ten thousand dollars, and that’s nothing! And the tuning, regulation, voicing, and upkeep of a grand piano doesn’t really amount to more than a few thousand a year. Just cut back on your lattes! And they’re not that big, really — you can fit one in your parlor or den very easily!”

If you claim to love the Hip, Cool, Trendy side of classical music (recording, improv, maybe even playing it while being poor) and refuse to support a technological innovation that enables this … then you’re either ignorant or a conscious hypocrite. (You’re also completely bullshitting yourself about the quality of the landfill uprights your students are playing.)