The US Navy Steel Band

I can never hear steel drums without thinking of my dad, who loved them. According to my mom, he first encountered them when he was in the navy in the 1950s, in Trinidad. And apparently, he was not the only swabbie to do so:

A Not-so-Brief History of the United States Navy Steel Band — written by a former band director.

Words of Steel: Pete Seeger and the US Navy Steel Band — interesting examination of how mutual love of music brought together quite conservative Admiral Dan Gallery and blacklisted communist folk singer Pete Seeger.

US Navy Steel Band 1989 Full Concert — ah, the wonder that is YouTube.

They made several albums as well, only a few of which made it to CD and hence are available through

And of course, my opera-mad father would have gone nuts for this:

The Trinidad All-Stars Steel Orchestra performing the overture to “The Barber of Seville”