Time to catalogue the bedposts in the second six-flat piece

I’m at the point where I need to start working on this thing as a completed piece, which means listing the spots that I dent my shins on repeatedly.

I would mention the parts where I need to voice the chords cleanly, but that’s like making notes of where not to buzz as a harpist; at some point, your entire life as a pianist will reduce down to chord voicing, just as 90% of your life as a harpist is not buzzing and 90% of your life as a string player is intonation. Yeah, I need to voice my chords better. I also need to breathe and shower.

So, there’s the parts that I haven’t bothered memorizing in anything other than an untrustworthy muscular way. There’s the fact that I can’t play it in my head. There’s the stuff toward the end that I can’t actually remember because I wrote it and then just let it be and backed up to this missing six measures. There’s the coda, which I changed and then maybe played through once, and I’ve never really sat down and worked out the fingering.

Anyhow, at least I’m ready to do this and hopefully to record it. That means it’s time to list the bedposts.