Feeling a little more musicky

Wanted to start in on “Con rauco mormorio,” but I watched “Giulio Cesare in Egitto” again this past weekend and got a few ideas in that one as well. I was expecting this to follow a path through “Rodelinda” first, mostly because I’d already worked out some of those themes already (“Pompe vane” of course, but also “Con rauco” and “Se fiera”) and so could just hop right in on them. But I might like the idea of getting the creativity machine chugging again by arranging a few other intros and sinfonias. I don’t know — this isn’t going to go in a straight line, apparently.

I’m also mulling what kinds of arrangements to do. I don’t want to be lockstep about this (swing, jazz, impressionist on all of them and in that order), but let’s face it there are only so many styles one can follow before one will start repeating oneself. I’d like to do a tango eventually, a melodic rock arrangement, maybe some others … but I’m going to end up doing swing or rag arrangements of more than a few of these things, especially swing since Baroque show tunes are all swung anyhow. I guess we’ll see how it winds up.