Not that most people knew I was missing — I had an unexpected abdominal surgery and am now missing a body part I was never that enthusiastic about having in the first place. Still recuperating and sleeping for 12 hours. Other than that, happy to have the whole experience in the past, as it was quite not-fun.

On the upside, I have a greater understanding of what every other member of my immediate family has gone through at least once per person, and I am greatly comforted by how wonderful two particular members of my extended family are. (I owe them a debt I have no hope of repaying, which is humbling and a bit intimidating.)

Piano and viola have been very nice ways to focus on something other than a simultaneously itchy, sore, and numb incision and a near total absence of any stamina; I’m finally adding in those missing 4 measures in the second 6-flat piece and want to get a certain part of the pseudo-impressionist “Pompe vane di morte” arrangement sorted out as well. Between naps, anyhow. 🙂

There’s also the descending high-3 and low-2 exercises for the viola as well. That’s a nice instrument for me now that I’m more tired and unfocused; I’m less interested in doing too much thinking, and I’m at a low enough level on the viola to make it very comforting and undemanding to just focus on making a nice noise as opposed to making any actual music.