Notching a bedpost

Well, that’s what I call the parts of pieces that you know are there, but that you keep stubbing your toes against anyway. This one is a gap between two notes at the end of the 26th measure and the start of the 27th. (Or 27th/28th, I’m not sure.)

Anyhow, there’s a gap there that bothers me, and when I wrote the thing, I recall turning myself in knots trying to smooth it out. I ended up spackling it (insufficiently) with a quick tap on the pedal, but it never sounded nor felt right to me.

Well, I’m fairly confident that I found a better way to do it by hitting the Bb with the joint of my thumb and then rocking the tip over to the Ab. It feels good, I can play it quickly, slow practice improves it, and it’s repeatable. So my aim this week is to “burn in” that move, and especially to overwrite the dozens of times I’ve played it the other way. And I need to go back and read through the old list of bedposts I made for that piece, and just knock them down one by one.