My strange relationship with how-to books

The Audacity book was very good and very useful. I learned many things, but … did not really learn what I was after. I guess that will just have to come with experience.

Still, it’s good to learn what to click on when you want to do something in a program.

This is not the first time I’ve reached this conclusion about a how-to book.

Still trying to solve a phrasing problem without using the pedal. I think I have a possible solution in mind, but this is where the fact that I’ve mentally practiced the living daylights out of this piece works against me. I have done it the old way in my head about a million times. It will take A Long Time™ to overwrite that. Wah. Other than that, it’s just enormous amounts of slow and metronome practice to get this thing into shape. It’s a piece that I’m particularly pleased with, so I’ll be happy to get it down.