Audacity book is here, more problem-solving on five sharps

There’s that one annoying bit that I used to clean up with the pedal, and I think I’m going to have to try cleaning it up another way, with a slide on my thumb from the A# to the G#, to keep there from being a noticeable gap between those two notes that I don’t want. Other than, that it’s just slow practice and making sure I pedal properly. There’s some pedaling work that I have to mentally go over in the last section of the piece as well, just to make sure it’s as clean as I can get it. Almost no chords in it though, so no mental ranting at myself for inadvertently rolling them at least.

Also, the book is here, and I plan to poke around in it all this week.

Also here are three cans of the most delicious coffee from Cafe du Monde, and I really look forward to having some this weekend. 🙂 Probably won’t be as good as I remember with the sunshine and the beignets, but I’ll enjoy it nonetheless. The stuff I bought online was the full-strength stuff, but the coffee I drank when I was actually at Cafe du Monde was the decaf, and it was still the best coffee I ever tasted.

They overdid the powdered sugar on the beignets, though. Way too much — looked like they had dumped a full half-cup of the stuff over the things, and I had the hard luck of wearing a black shirt. By the time I was done eating, I looked like a little kid who had been told to clap the erasers before class. (They were good though, once I scraped the blizzard off the top.)

Here’s a recipe for the things — the original one made something insane like ten servings, and asked for seventeen thousand pounds 7 freakin cups of flour. I live alone. No way am I making anything that requires 7 cups of flour! I suspect that even halving it is too much, and I may end up getting the box mix from CdM, inglorious though that may be.