Starting in on the five sharp one

For some reason, over time, I mentally practiced the living bejeezus out of this one. I think it was challenging but fun, and I just ran through it in my head a lot. Also, I recall working on it over the winter holiday, and when I fly home there is no piano around, so this sort of kept me from going nuts from the lack.

Anyhow, I’m almost looking forward to going to bed in a second because it will give me the chance to work through this some more. Mental practice is so enjoyable and fun. I don’t know another word for it. I’ll pound through this a bit; it will probably take me some time to get it into a shape I find acceptable, and then we’ll see where I head from there.

I’m going to need a bigger hard drive, and possibly a laptop with a lot more RAM. That will come in time, though. For now, bedtime … and practice time. 🙂

And tomorrow, hopefully the Audacity book will get here. I’ve been having fun learning how to work with it so far. It’s really nice for a free program, and I plan to wring it dry.