It’s hard to know when perfectionism is working for or against you.

I’ve heard the stories about musicians I admire doing something like 38 takes before they are happy with a particular recording, but it’s hard to know when that is working in my favor.

I want this just right. This is my work here, my actual stuff that I created, and I’m going to be judged on it. I have decent amateur technique, which means I am nowhere near the flawlessness of any other classical pianist making recordings out there. And if I sell this as “classical music,” which I will, that’s the technique I am going to be measured against. It shouldn’t be that bad since I’m not exactly writing the sort of music that will make your knuckles separate if played at speed, but still, this is It™ right now. These are recordings that will stand for these pieces. This stuff has to be the way I want it to be.

Back to the piano.