The stuff I’m using to record myself at the moment

A quick run-down for the curious:

  1. A Clavinova CLP340 with AUX IN/OUT inputs under the keyboard roughly behind the low E; this is the sort of digital piano you can pick up on Craigslist if you don’t have the money to buy new
  2. A cheap Dell PC running Audacity, which is freeware
  3. This audio cable because it’s shielded
  4. Two of these jacks to connect the red/white ends of the above cable to the Clavinova’s AUX OUT connections
  5. This soundcard which plugs into my laptop’s USB.

I’m sure that having exposed all of this, there are many nerds out there who will argue about my choices (technology zealots are worse than the religious ones), but this setup is what I’m starting with, and I will update it over time as things change, if they do.

For now, though — this will help give any curious pianist out there an idea of the fairly bare-bones stuff they need to get started recording themselves. As I learn more — and I will because I only just got this crap working last night, I will post more.