My sound card came.

I officially have a “Line in” input now — in a box, but still. I have to make myself open the box now to make sure that it has all the tertiary bits it needs to function, cables and whatnot. I hope I don’t need a wireless connection for this thing to run off looking for a driver or anything; my home laptop is hopelessly infected (it’s a frigging PC) and I turned the wireless off.

I also got a nice Y-cable with RCA connectors and a tiny stereo phone plug; I can stick the larger adapters on it. It’s Gold-Plated™ woo-hoo, which means nothing if there are any more resistive interfaces between the Clav and the computer, but hey. They’re pretty at least.

So some fiddling around with it tonight, then more this weekend. Shit. Then I have to actually let people know what I sound like, don’t I? That’s the point of this whole evolution, isn’t it? Crappers.

ETA: Opened the box. It seems to have the right cable, but I feel like the ends are going to metamorphose on me between now and when I get home, and what looked like two nice USB plugs on either end will have turned into a bloody eyeball and a piece of salted fish, or some other godforsaken thing that can’t be plugged into either the Clav or the laptop. Damn it, stop awfulizing, you.