Some nice chewy, crunchy posts for you all

Okay, so now that I have readers, I figured I might as well link to a few(!) Posts of Significance that I thought you people might like to run your eyeballs over. Here you go:

Got stuff done plus a neat new scale mode

“Honey, I can’t speak to you in English.”

Inspiration and what you can accomplish away from your instrument

Science and art are one and the same and Monkeywork and the Big Stuff — science, art, and talent

It takes hunger — but hunger for what?

The Riemann hypothesis, prime numbers, and other instances of theorems going pear-shaped (Don’t click on this unless you really, really like math.)

Literary lessons that I use to write music — how to approach musical form from the outside

Another literary lesson for writing music

I don’t care whose music you hate.

Kickstarter, personal ownership, and Amanda Palmer

No more Walter Cronkites, in news or music

Asking the wrong question (In other words, can improvisation be taught?)

“Why can’t you just do a cover?” — classical music and participatory culture

When is one ready to be creative?

Long to leave, longer to return: lessons for music teachers from a survivor

Geeks, Clem Kadiddlehopper, and Steve Jobs: Lessons for Music Insiders from the World of Technology

More on this left-handed string playing business (Yallz have no idea how controversial this is. In the 21st century. It’s nuts.)

The lesson to be learned here is that I will clearly pound the daylights out of any keyboard you put in front of me, laptop or piano.

I’ll see what else I can scare up.