Holy crappers, I have readers.

I need to upload some stuff to Soundcloud PDQ …

For anyone who is interested:

1) I am a pianist and a composer.

2) I know full well that I have yet to ship anything, which is why I have comments turned off — because I don’t feel like I can or should take part in extended conversations until I ship. Until then, I am pumping sunshine and fully aware of it.

3) I’ll get some stuff up on SoundCloud at some point, but the “9-to-5 job” spoken of in that post rules my schedule.

Until then, if you want more odd, chewy babblings, I suggest you look at the tag cloud to your right and click on “science v art,” “classical culture,” and “piano praise.” Most of my meatier blather falls under one of those categories.

I’ll get some stuff up on Soundcloud, though. Damn, did I have to be FPed on a Monday morning?

Anyhow, welcome and have a look around.

And click on the musicians you’ll see under “Blogroll” and “Fave Musicians.” All good people.