I remember now why syncopation is such a royal pain.

The notation. It’s eye-watering to write down syncopated music. Isn’t there some better way of notating this?

ETA: Reading over some Joplin sheet, and he doesn’t seem to beam more than four 16ths together at a time, which is ideal; beaming a quarter note’s worth is the thing to do, anyhow. I wonder if I can’t halve the measures on the thing I’m writing and double all the note values just to make things easier.

I need to make the measures match up with what I’ve done before and see if that will improve things, because having an entire measure filled with a spattering of flags and dots that are beamed to the point where you really can’t use the beams to determine the rhythm is just not working. What I’m doing with my fingers is not that hard to latch onto; there must be a way to enable the visual representation to make as much sense.

It will all be greatly improved once the left hand gets put into place as well. That always functions well as a sort of metronome. But for right now, with only the melody in place, it’s making my eyeballs knock together.