More confident about having finished that second six-flat thing

I might still dress up the ending a bit or add in a bit more, but I’m not sure. I did manage to get it to a point where it didn’t feel like a piece of construction paper staple-gunned to masonry at least, which is nice.

Scraped around on the viola a bit more, but … I continue to drain slowly of the appeal of a stochastically designed instrument that plays one note at a time and is more optimized for ergonomic damage than sound.

So then, if I were really rigorous about this, I’d write another piece. There is an old, old piece that I want to bump off of the playlist and I need a new one to do that. But I think mentally, I’m in a place where I’d like to go back and freshen the old stuff, buy an audio cable, and see what happens when I try to dump things into Audacity. I’m a bit wrung out from a few solid years of writing (YIKES! Years? Yes, years — OMFG) and feel like I’d like to just worry about getting the dots right for a bit.

I’m already looking forward to getting this off my plate and starting in on the Haendel variations I want to mess with.