Left-hand piano festival

Leftitude — This. Looks. AWESOME. Wish I could go. 😦

It’s getting me thinking about left-hand-only piano work. I’ve already said that my stuff is probably recognizable as written by a left-handed musician. Nothing at all that I’ve written would be challenging for a conservatory-trained pianist at all, but there are parts of it where the melody ping-pongs between the hands, and where the bulk of expression is in the left hand, even parts (simple ones) where the left hand is the only one playing. Again, none of it would be considered hard by any well-trained pianist, but a left-handed one might at least feel some of my pieces to be a bit more comfy than others.

I might just give this a shot — left-hand only. Will be fun to see what happens.

And how lovely that there are no right-handed pianists freaking out and ranting at them to stop! “The Piano is a Right-Handed Instrument! The melody belongs in the right hand! It’s actually easier for left-handers to play the melody in the right hand! Stop that at once!” (It reads better if you imagine a violinist pursing their lips like a chicken’s butt while saying this.)