If I’m going to be a goob …

… and put my music out there to be bought by people who actually want to hear it to the point of parting with money for the privilege, I’m eventually going to have to go through this blog beforehand and cull the posts where I sound pissier than usual. That’s probably not the best image to project: Easily Aggravated Middle-Aged Pianist Who Abuses Initial Caps. “Buy my CD! And get off my lawn!” I could afford to come across as slightly less carnivorous, I suppose.

Of course, it’s all this grumpiness that’s part of what causes my music to be more listenable, I think. I am a blackhearted curmudgeon most days, and I enjoy music as a sort of respite from that. It’s easier to say certain softer things in music than words. If I try too hard to come across as all puppies-and-rainbows, there’s a strong chance that I’ll start blowing up pianos onstage to compensate.