Finding new music

Hm, so Steve Lawson asked a question on Twitter about how people go about finding New music, and I figured I’d try to enumerate this a little. So here’s a post on how I found various people. They can all be found in my blogroll-ish sidebar under “Fave Musicians.”

  • Rachel Barton Pine: Hanging out on a string players’ board before I realized that they were a bunch of psychotics about left-handed playing.
  • Mark Wood: From Rachel Barton Pine.
  • Cameron Carpenter: Can’t recall, really. Possibly Stephen Hough’s blog.
  • Zoe Keating: Strings magazine, I think.
  • Nicholas McCarthy: An online article.
  • Steve Lawson: A Vimeo-ed conversation with Zoe Keating.
  • Gabriela Montero: I think it was a blog post by the LA Chamber Orchestra.
  • Jeff Schmidt: Randomly ran into him on YouTube and clicked purely because he was a lefthander. This was in the midst of the freakish brouhaha I ran into online over bowing with my left hand.
  • Igudesman and Joo: I think Facebook someplace?
  • Time for Three: Another blog post somewhere.

Others who look interesting include Christine Lavin and Shannon Kennedy. I haven’t checked them out yet, but I just sort of ran into them. Lavin I found through a NYT article about micro-apartments, and I think I ran into Kennedy on another blog.

I think all people run into musicians all day long, but if they aren’t specifically looking for them, they just pass them by. I’m more conscious of music, so when I run into someone who looks interesting, I file them away for when I can search them out later. And it’s worth noting that I don’t specifically go looking for new musicians to listen to; I just run into them as I go about my normal day pissing around online, and file them away for future investigation when I do.

The thing I like to highlight about this is that I did not need a guiding hand to discover any of this. I did not need a paternal classical orchestra conductor to “introduce” me to new music that he thinks I should listen to. (He’s a good conductor, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop needling James Conlon for his comment about what people need to hear.)