Got spidered yesterday.

I can always tell when Google finds me — suddenly, I appear to have actual readers.

So I’m still struggling with the second six-flat thing. I swear I am four measures off somehow, and I’m still trying to find out how the hell to put them in. I feel like I buttoned up a jacket only to look down and realize two hours later that I lined up the buttonholes one-off. And I can’t unbutton the damned thing for some reason.

I am still managing to make headway on it though, even if it’s just adding in the left hand (or sometimes, the right hand when I’m working from the left first).

And I still don’t quite know where I’m going to wind up. I think it’s time to start revisiting the first theme and see how it could have evolved since we saw it last, but we’ll see how that works. I do know that I don’t want to end in Ebm this time. Been there, done that, time to end in F#M. GbM. Damn it, I hate this key.