The stage-fear gurus

I’m thinking of people like Don Greene and Stephen Pressfield.

They have a lot of good things to say. I just wish they’d knock off all the macho-man war metaphors. Isn’t there a way to handle resistance or stage fear without making half of your brain the enemy? I’m sorry Don and Stephen, but I like my left brain. It makes the money that allows me to buy my instruments and make music. It houses my ability with languages that I connect very powerfully with music. It’s an ally to me, not an enemy to be thwarted and destroyed like in some jungle guerilla movie where the only female characters are corpses and rape victims.

Can’t we please find a non-war, non-macho metaphor for this crap that will allow us to get stuff done, and that doesn’t go too far in the other direction and get all fluffy, pink, and soft-focus?