How Spotify is not “just like radio”

In the olden days, if you wanted to listen to the radio, you listened to what they played. You listened to what they wanted you to hear. It truly was promotional. The DJ played what they wanted, and that’s what you heard.

If you absolutely had to hear something specific then and there, your choices were as follows:

1) Call the DJ and make a request, and then just hope. And chances were it wasn’t going to get played.
2) Play the song yourself, from the physical copy that you bought.

The small personal device that we carried around with ourselves that allowed us to listen to what we wanted, when we wanted it, was a Walkman, and we had to buy the tapes to use in it.

With Spotify, if you absolutely have to hear something specific, your choice is:

1) Play it.

Spotify is a Walkman that you can carry around on yourself with an infinite number of tapes. Except this time, you didn’t buy them. In fact, you need never buy anything again. Which is the problem. (And for why your $30 subscription fee actually means nothing, see my previous post on Spotify.)

Oh, I’m sorry. Today’s “I WANT EVERYTHING NOW NOW NOW IS THAT SO WRONG?!” folks weren’t actually born when Walkman devices were around, so the only thing they can compare Spotify to is radio.

Which it isn’t.

At all.