And yet more on Spotify

I hasten to add that I’m not ripping on these arguments out of a native dislike of the model or anything. It just torques me to see crapo thinking used, in any way, and the idiotic “Spotify is just like radio!” arguments makes me lose far more patience with the people who make them than with Spotify itself, as do the multitudinous arguments made either way that completely neglect the whole question of ad revenue.

Argue what you want, but don’t be dumb about it.

My own personal jury states that while it’s not the end of the world, I still:

1) Dislike the gimme-gimme attitude of a lot of people when it comes to free or dirt-cheap music, not to mention the “That song changed my life!“/”Shut up, uppity musician!” couplet, and that both sentences usually come out of the same mouth within about three milliseconds of one another. Oh, so that song changed you. It didn’t change you that much though, did it? If you claim to be “changed” in a positive way by something but still act like a greedy brat, I reserve the right to be skeptical about how deeply you were “changed.”

2) Dislike the fact that the Spotify PTB are pretending to have opinions about music when there is no way in hell that, in their own corporate offices, they don’t know damned well that their business model is one driven 100% by eyeball delivery and not by music delivery. No one trusted with billions, making backroom deals with other billion-dollar industries, is allowed to be that naive. Knock off the rah-rah speeches about the Glorious Power of Music and just come the hell clean, guys.

So essentially, I’m losing more patience with the people I’m hearing talking about Spotify than with any idea of a music-streaming service itself.

This is why I shut off comments to my blog. Human interaction tends to tick me off after a while.