Missing Haendel

You know, I just opened a PDF of that old sheet I was working up of “Son nata a lagrimar” for piano, viola, and violin. It’s such a beautiful piece of music, and I really do miss doing these arrangements. I know that I prioritized my own work ahead of arrangements of anything else (be it Haendel, Keating, or Schmidt), and that is the best thing to do right now because getting my own stuff out is absolutely top priority.

But once that’s done, and I feel that I can relax a bit, I really can’t wait to get back to the Haendel stuff. Themes and variations, arrangements for strings, that sort of thing. I might ask my old viola teacher whether or not he and his wife would be willing to read things with me and add in various markings for bowings and stuff that would make the music easier for a string player. I don’t know enough of that sort of thing, what a good player would expect to see on the page and what they could or would rather do without.

Basically, I’m just homesick for Haendel.