So I bashed at it a little more last night.

I’m not sure where it’s headed or if it’s even heading anywhere interesting, but I got ticked off at it last night and just hammered. Loosened a few things. We’ll see what happens.

I’m also still annoyed with the viola. I really screwed up my neck last weekend overdoing it … although “overdoing it” on a viola is very easy to do, so hence the annoyance. I’m really resentful of how heavy and awkward the damned thing is. It’s hard to do it for the periods of time required to get any good when it hurts to play it. I have almost no shoulders to speak of, and that g/d thing weighs like the back end of a gorilla.

I really just need to get a 15″ — but I need a new laptop and a (legal) copy of Ableton first, and to make sure I can get music from my piano to the laptop and get it to sound decent. That will drain some money from me, and I already have a few quasi-substantial family-related expenses that are hanging over me at the moment.