Some sort of weird coasting comfort zone

I think I know why that second six-flat thing isn’t hitting me. I’m writing what I sort of expect to write, along the lines of what I’ve written already, and I’m bored with it. It doesn’t mean anything to me. It feels bland, expected, and just … blah.

I mean, it’s not a bad piece, and if I finish it, there may be people that would like it. It would probably sound fine. But I’m not feeling connected to it at all. And I’m not sure where to go from here to get to someplace where I’m interested in what I’m likely to chase down. I don’t feel like a jungle explorer anymore in this piece; I feel like I’m on a freeway that I’ve been on before, and I’m not seeing anything new, and I can’t get up enthusiasm for this thing. I need to find some way of making it unusual.

Now, this piece does have some differences in it from other stuff I’ve written. It has many voices; it doesn’t seem constrained to left-hand and right-hand. I’m weaving a bit more in it. I need to find a way to play with that or else this is going to bore the snot out of me, and I won’t finish it.

Last night, I poked at it a bit, then shut down my laptop (running Musescore) and just noodled aimlessly. I’ll probably do that tonight as well. I have no idea what’s happening, but I hope something is stirring upstairs, because I’m really bored and fear being more so.