Another science/music parallel

And this is one I shouldn’t mention, but oh well:

When a spectator who can’t play a single instrument opines to a practiced, professional musician and tries to tell them how they should have played a certain piece of music or what they need to do to improve, there’s also a scientific parallel there with the person who read a New-Age flavored article on Quantum Physics (BTW, that’s not what it’s called, and it is not capitalized) and is arguing with someone like oh, ME about the major algorithms governing the operation of quantum computers or whatnot.

In both cases, we’re glad people are all up in our chosen fields of endeavor. In the end, both music and science are all about communication and sharing, so it’s mighty nice to have people seeking out things on their own, having opinions about them, and being enthusiastic enough to talk about them with us.

However I must confess openly that in both cases, there is still a biiiig part of my brain that just wants you to STFU. (About piano or science.) And that graduate student you know who plays classical guitar and who is nodding and smiling blandly and politely at you while you tell him how to play better based on an article you read in “Chicks and Guitars” in 1978? He’s thinking it, too. Sorry. 🙂