Ryan Thomson — a.k.a Captain Fiddle

4stringjoe on YouTube

You’ll find videos here of him playing on both sides; a natural right-hander, he came down with focal dystonia and could only manage by re-teaching himself to bow with his left hand. As a result of his experiences, he became a strong advocate for people bowing with their natural dominant hand, saying that after many years of playing left-handed, he was still nowhere near as good as he was as a righty. The videos showing him bowing right-handed are, of course, much older than the current lefty ones.

Left-handed string playing continues to bring me joy and make me smile just watching it. 🙂 As a lefty, you sort of get resigned to seeing everything done bass-ackwards from how you’d like it because let’s face it, we have no choice. So seeing more left-handed bowing — and by a right-handed ally — means a lot to me. He’s a wonderful guy as well, and any left-hander who is interested in learning a string instrument and bowing with the proper hand for us is encouraged to check him out.

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