Stuff you won’t find on this blog

I consider politically-centered discourse to be a form of psychosis and other than occasionally gushing about the space program or calling Moon-landing-deniers idiots, I can promise you that you will not find current events on this blog. I know that a lot of musicians seem to have a taste for associating their music with some political cause of one kind or another, but I dislike that sort of thing. To me, political differences are a highly contagious form of baboon-minded tribalism, and I’d rather people get a sense of what unites us through my music than of what divides us.

This is not a terribly good “marketing” strategy for anyone who is wondering. When the world is divided into Type A people and Type B people, publicly avowing yourself as one or the other means that while one side hates you, the other side has your back. Refusing to pull on either jersey generally means that everyone hates you and no one has your back. However, I keep thinking of that comment attributed to everyone from Albert Einstein to the Dalai Lama that runs, “The most dangerous falsehood that our species believes in is Us vs. Them.” I simply won’t take part. If a white supremacist finds something good in my music (when I actually get around to releasing it), I won’t mind. Especially if they are sitting next to someone who also finds something good in it, who happens to be a Jew. (How lovely would that be, for them to converse and realize what they had in common?)

All I ask is that, if you want to listen to my music at any point, you must be willing to do so in the company of people you may disagree with. I know that in a world where most musical tastes are formed by a tribal desire to be seen as a Certain Type of Person, this is not a healthy marketing strategy but oh, well.