Just something I felt like saying out loud

Sometimes I feel an internal need to say this, more because I need to remind myself than because of any interaction with others.

I have comments turned off for a few reasons. These are:

  1. I get cranky and overstimulated with human interaction. Thus, because I value this music-making part of me and don’t want to screw it up by biting anyone’s head off, I keep the comments turned off so that I can feel a bit more mentally peaceful.
  2. I am acutely aware of the fact that I have only gotten a leetle crazy about music and composition fairly recently, and that until I put out any music for real, I don’t actually have any business blathering about it at all. I only blather because well … put a keyboard of any kind in front of me and I will reflexively pound on it. However, until I ship something, I fully admit that I am pumping sunshine.

Anyhow, I want to write music more than I want to talk socially about what it’s like to write music — because the former is more interesting to me, because I have a history of burning my already short fuse down in record time with too much social activity, and because I have no right to do the latter until I’ve done the former and shipped it.

So I will continue to blab happily to myself about the process of writing music, with comments off and pretending I have no readers. It makes me happy — and let’s face it, there’s only about four people who read this blog anyway. 😀

So the newest six-flat thing is moving along. I think I even have a good idea where I’m headed. It’s shamelessly sentimental, which I’m in the mood for. This will be piece #8, not including the Haendel arrangements and some other crap that holds no interest for me at this point. There’s some other stuff that does interest me, but it’s arrangements of other people’s (still copyrighted) stuff, which is solidly prioritized behind my own work at the moment.