Yet more tribelessness

I sometimes wonder what I am politically. I will never name names here; I dislike politicians as a clan in toto.

But I can never figure out what I am, and I actively don’t want to try. I think several things such as:

1) The government should step in and help people over hard patches.
2) Most people who need that sort of assistance are not hardcore cases and get on their feet in short order.
3) Taxes are not evil.
4) You can’t land a one-ton robot on Mars with a government that’s small enough to drown in a bathtub.
5) Socialism is not what most Americans think it is.

that would seem to mark me as one of a particular political tribe. But then I also strongly think some things that would seem to put me in the exact opposite camp:

1) You must take personal responsibility for the direction in which your life heads. You must. You have no choice. It is your job as a living being, and you’ve got to do it.
2) Socialism is not the most wonderful thing since sliced bread and should be alloyed with something else in order to optimize its worth.

Anyhow. No more of this idiotic rot that hasn’t got boo to do with music.

In other news, I’m finding that it’s a lot easier to transcribe/arrange fretted bass music for piano, unsurprisingly. 🙂