Five sharps done.

I’m calling done on it after last night. Maybe a few small tweaks to come but … done.

ETA: It’s hard to tell how much one has moved ahead sometimes. I think I’m better at this than when I started, and I’m certainly doing more complicated stuff, but it’s hard to tell how far one has moved. I like to think I’ll be better in ten years, but I don’t think I’ll be able to tell.

But for now, I’m going to just relax a bit, take a small vacation away from the piano (forced to some extent by work travel next week), and just let something well up inside for a bit. Or just let nothing well up and let the empty insides echo peacefully for a little while before I go looking for something new to bang my forehead against.

ETA 2: I should figure out what to call this thing. I still haven’t settled on anything quite yet. I started it at the end of July, saw it take a very unexpected turn during the Curiosity landing from watercolor New-Agey to the Anvil Chorus, and now I’m just not sure what the general message of the thing is.

The next thing I do, I’d like to have a more concentrated message to it. I like the five-sharp thing enough, but it feels too etude-y to me. Other less technical pieces like “Moon of Memory” and the D mixolydian thing “Falling Awake” seem somehow more chewy because of that; they seem to have a definite something to say.